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Services Offered

Services we provide for divorcing clients and attorneys:

  • Assistance with data gathering and organization of financial information
  • Analysis of income and expenses
  • Financial modeling
  • Preparation, illustration, and analysis of potential settlement scenarios
  • Forecasting cash flows including long term projections as needed
  • Child Support including basic, medical, child care, and children’s activities
  • Spousal Maintenance including lump sum buyouts, timed stages/phases, and condensed payment periods
  • Examining retirement and insurance issues
  • Analysis of Social Security options
  • Financial mediation on behalf of a divorcee
  • Litigation support for a divorcee
  • Financial mediation with both divorcees
  • Serving as an expert witness hired by an attorney
  • Tracing of financial statements to help categorize fund flows and/or assist with potential reimbursements
  • Financial Neutral in collaborative divorce
  • Financial Neutral services as a Rule 114 Qualified neutral
  • Financial Early Neutral Evaluation (FENE)
  • Assistance and analysis for modification and post-divorce issues
  • Future planning and after divorce financial planning, investment management, and other assistance for individuals who did not work with us in a neutral capacity during their divorce