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Divorce Planning

Divorce is an emotionally heightened life event that sometimes can force you to make pivotal decisions regarding your future. With a myriad of issues to sort out, it can affect every aspect of your life - especially your finances. Your marriage may end but you will live with your property settlement forever. Uninformed choices can have consequences long after the ink dries on the divorce decree.

At Integra Shield Financial Group, we work to ensure that your needs - both now and after a divorce - are heard, addressed, and thoroughly explained for a fair and worry-free outcome. To help thoroughly prepare you for making the many critical decisions that will shape your future, we lead you through a disciplined process, designed to help you:

  • Forecast the long-term effects of your settlement
  • Create a long-term plan for your financial future
  • Better understand your current and future financial picture
  • Minimize taxes and legal fees
  • Get the best return on your life with the resources you have

We believe you can feel more confident and in control of your options, knowing you have an experienced advocate who can help you understand the overall impact your settlement will have on your life.

If you would like guidance before, during, or after your divorce