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Mike Miller, CFP®

Mike Miller, CFP®

(763) 201-1390

At Integra Shield Financial Group, our focus is on you and your family.  We believe people come before numbers.  We first seek to understand you, your past, present, and what your vision is for your future.  Only then will we begin to help you design the life you imagine.  Our goal is to help you get the best return on your life with the money you have all while being in alignment with your values and purpose.

Our clients are business owners, busy professionals, divorcees, and retirees throughout the state of Minnesota, primarily in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area, though we with many clients outside the state of Minnesota.  

We specialize in working with those:

  • Nearing or already in retirement
  • Experiencing divorce including before, during, and after divorce
  • Loss of spouse
  • Receiving an inheritance  

We help people like you, identify and manage life transitions.  Life does not stand still it moves and changes often sometimes quickly. Even if you are already in retirement, you will experience a good deal of change and transition in the years ahead.  In fact, we have identified over 60 transitions that a person may experience in their lifetime.

We provide you with our life transitions tools and other resources to identify which transitions you are currently experiencing and which ones you may soon face.  We provide you with a personalized action plan and other resources to manage each transition and closely monitor your progress.  This is part of our ongoing process and our commitment to focus on YOU!  

By proactively dealing with and preparing for these transitions, we can help you minimize or possibly avoid surprises and financial wreckage.  We have seen and heard all too often the devastation resulting from unwise financial decisions made without guidance during a major life transition when people are most vulnerable.  We believe it is better to prepare than to repair.  We will help you prepare.

Want to get started.  For a free introductory consultation give us a call today at 763-201-1390, email us at or simply use the features on our website to reach us and we will get back to you right away.