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Our Val-YOU Proposition

When working with our clients, we go far beyond the numbers and focus on your personal aspirations, needs, and what matters most to you and your family. We help connect your life’s meaning and purpose with your investment and financial strategies to help you live your life fully, make your money last, and both live and leave your legacy. We built our firm on trust, integrity, and service and we continue to uphold these values every day, while also including other time-tested principles such as:


We serve as your financial advocate striving to help you bring order to your financial life. We help you coordinate both the macro and micro levels of your financial data and plans. We make available both physical and electronic organization methods.  You choose which you prefer or choose both and we will do the organizing for you.  We provide you with a system to keep things organized in the future.   


We conduct in-depth meetings based upon your priorities, needs, and aspirations.  We will show you the steps to take that will bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.  We regularly review your priorities, our recommended strategies, and make adjustments whenever needed. We are accountable to our clients—we say what we do and do what we say.


We understand that working with money can be an emotional undertaking especially during trying times.  We guide you at all times to help you remain steady and calm when making important personal and money decisions.  We will provide you with all the information and guidance you need while managing and disclosing all material facts, conflicts, or potential conflicts of interests.  We are unwavering in our quest to provide our clients with objectivity including complete transparency around our own costs.


One of our responsibilities is to help protect you in preparation for life’s changes and help you be financially prepared. We regularly assess current and potential life transitions, create action plans, and help you manage those plans as things change.   


We will provide you with education and comprehensive objective information to help you pursue and achieve your financial goals and priorities.  We always put people before numbers and passionately working with you to understand your unique situation completely.   Only then, will we provide the choices available to you outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each one including the risks, costs, and possible range of outcomes.  We will also provide you with our recommendation. After making your decision we will employ all the necessary resources to implement your decisions.


We have found that the most beneficial relationships arise when clients and advisors work in concert with each other.  We work collaboratively with you to help you reach your priorities and achieve your goals with tailored solutions that meet your needs.  We strive to give you peace of mind in uncertain times.  We take the time to understand your historical background, your values and philosophy, needs, objectives, and priorities.  We work with you and on your behalf with other professionals in a comprehensive approach all with the goal to give you the best life possible with the time and financial resources available to you.